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Our Relational Support Workers (RSWs) can support between 60-70 students each year in both 1-1 and group settings. Based on your school premises and working within your pastoral support systems, they can help you care for students struggling with a wide range of issues – including anxiety, self-harm, family breakdown, bereavement, anger management, self-esteem, or exam stress.


As our RSWs are almost always working with students who are vulnerable or at-risk in some way, it’s often possible to use Pupil Premium funding to cover the costs of their work. Plus, the outcomes we’re helping to deliver all support your wider goals for student wellbeing and improve your school’s overall ability to support vulnerable students. 

More information

Our schools brochure gives more details about how our RSWs work, the kind of impact they can have and the costs involved. You can also feel free to just get in touch – every school we partner with is different and we’d love to find out more about your context and needs and talk with you about how we could best support you and your students.


“I don’t believe we could function as a school without east to west.”

Janise Marillat 

Headteacher at Thomas Knyvett College

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