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Hospital Project

The east to west Hospital Project provides pastoral care and support for young people and families who’ve attempted suicide or self- harmed, as well as those facing emotional crisis. We work with young people aged 7 – 21 years. 


Our scope has been developed through previously working in association with Emerge Advocacy and many of our protocols and practices have been honed through this past collaboration. 


The east to west project will operate within ASPH (Ashford and St. Peter's Hospital) in clinical areas where patients with self-harm related attendance may be found. This is primarily in the Urgent Treatment Centre, Accident and Emergency, Acute Medical Unit and paediatric wards, but may extend to other wards where patients aged 7- 21 are admitted. The project is non-clinical and does not replace or duplicate any other services that the hospital provides. The east to west team will encourage young people to engage effectively with all other professionals involved in their care. 


All the east to west hospital team who have contact with young people are registered as volunteers with ASPH through the Voluntary Services Manager. 


Referrals are made by clinical staff or by patients themselves who are aged 18 or over (in this case the team will check with hospital staff that it is appropriate to work with the young person.)  

The east to west team offer support to the young person for the duration of their admission and can be available to accompany young people during assessments if appropriate. The east to west team may be involved in discharge planning meetings where appropriate and undertake informal discussions with the young person regarding their thoughts and feelings about discharge.  

The team also offers follow up with young people and their families though community follow – up provision, which – where appropriate – provides additional support outside the hospital setting once the young person has been discharged. This is young person led and we obtain consent from the young person (and parent if under 18 years) for referral into the service. This maybe in partnership with our east to west relational support colleges within local schools or colleges or through 1:1 sessions in a local venue such as a coffee shop. This support offered is flexible and is not restricted to a set number of sessions as east to west believe in journeying with the young person and offering appropriate support for as long as is needed. The team support the young people to engage with further treatment, where needed and help them to identify their own action plans, set goals and support to take steps towards recovery. 


The east to west hospital project also accepts follow up referrals from schools and other professionals where young people have not been admitted to ASPH but are suffering from self – harm or are experiencing emotional crisis. 


The team works alongside local schools, the EWMH team in ASPH, the Paramedic team in Chertsey and the Suicide Prevention Force Advisor for Surrey Police to support young people at risk of self – harm and attempted suicide.  


Our training and support package is also offered to our east to west schools' teams, RSW’s, EIC’s as well as churches / community groups to help equip them to support young people and families in their care.  

If you’d like to find out more about our Hospital Project work, or are interested in joining our team of volunteers, just email us on

Our project has been developed alongside Emerge Advocacy. They provide similar support in other hospitals across Surrey and the surround area. To find out more about them,  please visit 


We'd like to thank them for all their care and support over the past 5 years in helping us launch and grow this work at St. Peter's Hospital.


Covers the volunteer costs for our team to be in the hospital


Pays for a weeks worth of young person packs to be created and distributed throughout the hospital.


Funds supervision, and support for our volunteers


Pays for a volunteer to be trained and equipped to support young people in a hospital context


Funds up to four follow-up sessions with a young person once they're out of hospital


“Emerge offers a caring and compassionate service to teenagers and young adults in their time of great distress, the value of which cannot be underestimated. The Emerge service adds staffing at a 1-1 level without cost to the NHS, win-win in terms of psychiatric care!“

Dr Dominic Harrison

Psychiatry Lead and Locum Consultant in Emergency Medicine


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This information must be read before continuing. 

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