What does hope look like? It’s a child given the confidence to tell someone they’re being abused. It’s a young person who self-harms realising their worth and potential. It’s a teenager fighting anxiety and loneliness beginning to feel positive about the future. It’s the small but significant steps forward that come as a result of being listened to and loved.


Below are some real-life stories from the children and young people we work with, which show that kind of hope in action.

BENJAMIN's story

After years of a difficult relationship, Benjamin's dad died right before he was due to sit his GCSEs. Read how east to west helped him find ways to thrive despite his loss and exceed all expectations for his future. 

CHANTAL's story

When Chantal's father got back in touch years after abandoning her family, she struggled to deal with the renewed contact and turned to self harm. Read how east to west helped her break that negative pattern.

Tommy's story

Tommy's extreme separation anxiety was making it difficult for him to function in school. Read how east to west worked with him to build up his confidence and resilience, improving his anxiety and his family relationships.

CLARa's story

When 14-year-old Clara was assaulted by an older boy it had a dramatic impact on her self-worth and left her feeling frightened and vulnerable. Read how east to west supported her to regain her confidence and stand up for herself.

Tash's story

Tired of living in her demanding older brother's shadow, Tash started acting out and skipping school. Read how east to west helped her get back on track and on to the college course she was aiming for.

Caleb's story

Angry and disobedient, Caleb was a constant frustration to his teachers and was always getting sent out of the classroom. Read how east to west helped him turn things around and break free from his anger and pain.

JANE's story

Jane had long been on the radar of social services when, at age 15, she began being sexually exploited online. Read how east to west helped her to walk away from danger and finish school happy and healthy. 

vanessa's story

Vanessa's home life was affecting her relationships at school too, particularly causing problems with her maths teacher. Read how east to west supported her to find a more positive approach and even raise her exam result from an E to a C. 

* All children's names and photos have been changed to protect their identity