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What does hope look like? It’s a child given the confidence to tell someone they’re being abused. It’s a young person who self-harms realising their worth and potential. It’s a teenager fighting anxiety and loneliness beginning to feel positive about the future. It’s the small but significant steps forward that come as a result of being listened to and loved.


Below are some real-life stories from the children and young people we work with, which show that kind of hope in action.

Charlotte's story

Charlotte is a student who's been supported by the team at  east to west during 2021/22.

"Sometimes we have a talk to clear my mind... it makes me realise how far I've come in my mental health journey"

To find out more about the impact of east to west in Charlotte's life, please click on the video. 

Hannah's Story

During the past 12 months, Hannah has been supported in her school by east to west.

This is her story of the impact of east to west...

"They've been there for me from the beginning..."

Ben's story

Ben has been supported in school for several years. Throughout that time, he's faced challenges, but has had an east to west worker supporting him along the way.

Ben's story is one of real encouragement. To find out more, click on the video...

"They helped me understand all about myself..."

Emma's story

"When I walk away I feel lighter..."

Emma is supported by east to west. In her sessions, she's able to talk to someone, independent, about the things going on in her life. To find out how this benefits her click on the video.

* All children's names and photos have been changed to protect their identity

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