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wePRAY - January 2020

It’s January… home to statistically the most depressing day of the year… Friday the 24th! Apparently, it’s a combination of reduced sunlight, Christmas credit card bills being hitting the doormat and even the most stoic New Year’s Resolution beginning to crumble under the weight of reality!! But January is so much more than this. It’s the start of a new year, where hopes and aspirations are renewed. A fresh vigour is added to our step and the joy of Spring and Summer are only a few short months away… at least it is until the 24th!

January also finds us half way through our series on Dan Rockwell’s ‘7 Universal Competencies for Success’. Since September we’ve looked at Building Relationships (Sept); Developing People (Oct); and Leading Change (Nov). This month’s focus is on Inspiring Others…. Which begs the question: How am I doing so far…? Hmmm, think this opening paragraph is going to require some work…

January 2020

7 Universal Competencies for Success: 4 – Inspire Others

When was the last time you felt inspired by someone else? Was it hearing Missionary’s talking at your local church? Seeing the beneficiaries of Children in Need or another similar charitable TV fundraiser? Hearing about the courageous acts of others as they battled to rescue their friends, families or strangers?

For me, inspiration hit very close to home before Christmas. For those who don’t know, my youngest child was involved in an accident over the Summer and whilst he was physically OK after a few weeks (when all the cuts, bruises, scrapes and grazes had healed), the psychological impact is something we’ve been struggling to deal with ever since. Recently diagnosed with PTSD as a result of the accident, his behaviour now, can include incredible anger and occasional violence, which he can’t explain, understand or express differently. In every way I understand why.

As a family, we’re waiting on support from CAMHs (Child and Adolescent Mental Health services), but the delay in getting him help is really difficult, as we try to help him outwork his anger and frustration, whilst trying to maintain fairness and boundaries.

Just before Christmas I was told that someone had given us £500 so that we could begin the process of finding him a counsellor (CAMHs are facing a 6-month backlog), so that we could get him (and therefore us) the help he needs. I’m unashamed to say this act of generosity broke me a little. The kindness of this stranger (I have no idea who it is), who saw a need and responded in the best way they could, by providing us as a family with the resources we needed to start the healing process was huge. It wasn’t something we could do ourselves, but someone else could… and did.

Dan Rockwell’s thoughts on Inspiring Others is very simple: ‘Encourage others through positivity, vision, confidence, challenges and recognition’. In my experience, this is true. This kind act has been overwhelmingly positive, sewn a vision of a brighter future, given me and my family confidence that we’re not alone, retained the challenge of continuing to parent in trying circumstances, and recognition that when people are in a tough position, there is real value in standing alongside them.

Over the past few weeks, it’s been a real inspiration and massive blessing to be on the receiving end of others generosity and care. It’s not always easy to be in this situation, and there are times I’ve felt broken to receive their grace and kindness, but in receiving it, I’ve been inspired once more to continue seeking to meet the needs of others…

So, the challenges is: what have you seen or experienced that’s inspired you to respond, and what have you done about it?


At the start of 2020, we’re asking you to pray for Adele. Adele has been vital in the successful development and running of our Relational Support Work provision at Jubilee High, in Addlestone. Previously at Magna Carta, Adele was the ideal person to help Jubilee as they started working with east to west.

Please pray for her this month:

I want to start by thanking God for east to west. The last time you I was prayed for through wePRAY was 2½ years ago when I started with the charity. I was so different then and you’ve encouraged me to grow so much in that time. I am so grateful for such an amazing, supportive team and really would not want to work anywhere else!


  • Prayer for my family, for God’s favour on us.

  • Please pray for my husband Paul, and our family business. Paul is unhappy in his work and finds employing young people a challenge as he’s often left picking up their slack, dealing with their irregular attendance, or feeling let down by them. We’re left trying to decide whether we find a reliable, honourable, hard-working manager to help ease the workload, or close/sell the business. Pray that God would make the future clear, and that He would ease the stress and pressure Paul is feeling under. Pray that God would also continue to strengthen our marriage.

  • Pray for our daughter Mollie (19), who is starting an internship at Flow Church in the near future. Pray that God would give her a clear vision for her future and help her understand the positive impact she can have on her friends through sharing her faith with them.

  • Pray for Woody (12) our son. Woody struggles with anxiety and self-esteem issues. Pray that he would begin to see himself as God sees him.


  • Thank God that I’m back at Jubilee High. It was a real wrench leaving there to join east to west (even if I knew it was the right thing). It’s amazing how God has turned me around and bought me back to Jubilee.

  • Pray for wisdom in managing an ever-increasing caseload and in how I connect with the more challenging students I support. Pray that I would have the right words and gifts to share.

  • Please pray that Jubilee would continue to want to work in partnership with east to west - pray that the school staff would understand both the role and the impact of the work east to west is doing, and that I would have the right words to share and explain when asked.


  • Please pray for me!! I’ve lived my whole live not believing in myself and having limited confidence in my abilities and skills. God has helped me so much and I’ve travelled so far, but I still have a very long way to go!! Pray that God would continue to guide my life, especially as I look at opportunities to serve more within church.


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