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Prayer Week - Wednesday Blog

Wood Light - Photo Credit: Alan and Jenny Gregory

Over the course of this week we're asking you to pray for the different aspects of our work. All the photos on these blogs will be used this week to inspire prayers of Hope, during our prayer events. At the end of the week, we'll be selling them to help 'bring hope to young lives If you'd like a copy of any of these photos, please email us at for more information.

Prayer Event:

We aren't holding a specific event today, however will be praying as a team from between 1:30 and 2:00pm as part of our team Development Day at St. John's Church, Egham.

Today our prayer focus is our team – Adele; Alisa; Ant; Caz; Christine; Clare; Dan; Dave; Eliz; Ian; Irum; Naomi; Paige; Raj; Ruth and Tracy

Ceramic Poppy Field - Photo Credit: Paul Beedell

Prayer Focus:

east to west’s work is underpinned by our ethos. A key part of this ethos is around the idea of building community – today our team are joining together to learn, share and have fun. The east to west team has a wide mix of skills, talents and experience and these days are really valuable in helping share ideas and knowledge. Please pray for:

  • Irum, Raj and Naomi as they continue to settle into the team and build relationships across the charity

  • Pray for wisdom for Ian and Clare as they lead the day, focusing on looking at our individual skill sets and working styles and how we can learn to adapt and use these to support others (especially those we might naturally clash with)

  • Pray for Ant as he brings us a moment of biblical reflection, which will allow us, as a team, to pause and lay the day before God

  • Pray for Tracy, Alisa, Dave, Caz, Christine, Paige, Ruth, Dan, Adele and Eliz as they enjoy the opportunity to be together outside their normal projects

  • Pray with thanks for the team at St. John’s, Egham who host us for our Development Day training and allow us to use the facilities

Beacon in the Storm - Photo Credit: Clare Sampson


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