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Prayer Week - Sunday Blog

Dappled Sunlight - Photo Credit: Mark Beedell

Over the course of this week we're asking you to pray for the different aspects of our work. All the photos on these blogs will be used this week to inspire prayers of Hope, during our prayer events. At the end of the week, we'll be selling them to help 'bring hope to young lives If you'd like a copy of any of these photos, please email us at for more information.

Prayer Event:

We will be meeting at St. Peter's Hospital Chapel this evening at 7:30pm for around an hour if you'd like to join us. Today our Prayer Focus is The Emerge Project – Including the staff at St. Peter’s working face to face in the Emergency Department, Pead’s and Urgent Treatment Centre.

Safe and Sound - Photo Credit: Carol Manger

Prayer Focus:

We’d ask you to be prayerful for the work of the Emerge Project across St. Peter’s, especially this evening and tomorrow night as they work face to face with young people. Stepping into the unknown is always a difficult thing to do, and our team do this each week, never knowing what they’ll hear or who they’ll meet. Please pray for:

  • Safety and protection for our team as they minister in this challenging area

  • For the staff at hospital, whether doctors, nurses or other healthcare professionals, all working together to bring healing to those in need

  • Pray with thanks for our partners at St. Peter’s who’ve done so much to help get this project up and running, and for the warm welcome we receive every time we’re there

  • Pray for wisdom in how to continue to grow the project, and understanding in how best to use the resources we have

  • Pray with thanks that we’ve funding to run this project for the next two years

  • Pray for Kathleen, Jonah and Lila as they begin their Emerge volunteer training, and those we'll be interviewing in the coming days and weeks

  • Pray for our friends at Emerge Advocacy (Guildford), as they continue their work at the Royal Surrey

Reflective Mountains - Photo Credit: Paul Beedell


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