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Prayer Week - Friday Blog

Breaching Whales - Photo Credit: Paul Beedell

Over the course of this week we're asking you to pray for the different aspects of our work. All the photos on these blogs will be used this week to inspire prayers of Hope, during our prayer events. At the end of the week, we'll be selling them to help 'bring hope to young lives If you'd like a copy of any of these photos, please email us at for more information.

Prayer Events:

There is no scheduled event happening today, however we will be based at the office in Egham (TW20 9HE) during the day, and you're more than welcome to pop in, to chat, grab a coffee and pray!

Today our prayer focus our Volunteers (Jo – Thamesmead; Phil – Matthew Arnold; Nicola – Thomas Knyvett; Ulla, Liz, Kathleen, Jonah and Lila– Emerge; Trish – Office)

Sunset on the Mountains - Photo Credit: Paul Beedell

Prayer Focus:

American Businessman and author Harvey Mackay said ‘Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.’ east to west are blessed by our team of volunteer’s willingness to use their time to support the work we do. They support us in various ways, supporting students 1:1 and in small groups in schools, working with young people aged 10-25, in the Emerge project, or based in the office supporting the day to day admin of the charity. Our volunteers bring with them a wide range of skills and experiences which massively enhance the work we’re able to do. This is highly valued by both the east to west team member they work alongside and the child, young person or family they support. Please pray for:

  • Our team of volunteers and give God thanks for their willingness to volunteer their time and skills

  • Pray for safety for our volunteers as they serve in this way

  • Pray for potential volunteers coming into the organisation – that they would enjoy being part of what we do

  • Pray for Caz as she oversees the team of volunteers and helps co-ordinate their needs and schedules

  • Pray for our projects which have volunteers – Thomas Knyvett, Matthew Arnold, Emerge, Office – and that they’d be a blessing and blessed by being there.

Hope in Despair - Photo Credit: Mark Tidbury

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