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wePRAY - July 2019

If you’d like to pray for the work of east to west then here are all our latest prayer requests and things we’re keen to thank God for.

So, that’s it then! Another academic year nearly finished and all that’s left is to wrap the school uniform up in mothballs, carefully place school shoes in a safe space and unpack that pencil case one final time… before it all comes out again in 6 weeks to discover the uniform is now too short, the shoes pinch at the toes and the pencil case has to be replaced because whatever celebrity endorsed the pens were sooooo last year!

It’s always interesting when we get to this point of the year. Our team in schools have been working non-stop for months, being the amazing best they can be and bringing hope in some really dark, hopeless situations and yet, when they finish writing their last notes in a case, wash up their tea mug for the last time or lock their office door as they leave for their well-earned and well-deserved break, the work of east to west continues over the summer.

A key part of our team who keep east to west ticking along are our trustees, who give their time, skills, abilities and knowledge. Over the many years of east to west, we’ve had amazing trustees who’ve driven and inspired the direction of the charity. They’ve brought a wisdom and talent that without, we wouldn’t be where we are now. east to west growing is a testimony to their faithfulness and God’s provision.

This month we’d like to introduce you to some of our new trustees and ask you to pray for our wider trustee body.

Matthew Armsby:

Matthew Armsby

I’ve known east to west since the year 2000 (that seems a long time ago!) and have loved what the team have done throughout that whole time. I’ve supported the charities IT through my company BC technologies for many years, so a step into the position of Trustee was an easy decision for me to make. It’s great to officially be part of the team.

I’m married to Sandra and we have a son called Samuel, who is just about to start at The Matthew Arnold School. So glad that Clare (RSW) will be there to help him settle in. We’d appreciate your prayers for Samuel as he embarks upon secondary education. He was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum a couple of years ago, and the anxieties that come with moving from primary to secondary will be a challenge.

God has been so good to us as a family and we are so thankful for his guidance.

Ali Matts:

Ali is a primary school teacher in Guildford, with a focus on SEN (Special Educational Needs). Married to Paul, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role. She discovered east to west through Gingy (another Trustee) at her local church and on hearing what we do and the impact we’re having wanted to be part of ‘bringing hope to young lives’

Please pray for Ali as she steps into the role of trustee. Pray for wisdom, discernment and a continued willingness to bring her skills and abilities to her charitable role.

Please also pray for her as she comes to the end of term – pray she’d get the rest she needs to recover after a long academic year.

Sue Holloway:

Sue Holloway

I’ve lived in Egham for thirty years and have recently retired. I worked for TEAR Fund/Latin Link in Peru for nearly 6 years and was on the Latin Link Board for 8 years. I also worked in the Government Economic Service (GES) for 13 years – at the Office for National Statistics, managing the GES and as Deputy Chief Economist at the Department for International Development. Following that I ran two charities - Pro Bono Economics and latterly Project Oracle. I have three daughters (who went to Magna Carta School), four granddaughters (one of whom went to Jubilee High School/Strodes, and one of whom is at Manorcrofts (Primary)) and one grandson. I am currently the Honorary Treasurer of the Royal Economic Society, treasurer at my local church and still occasionally run interviews for the GES. I share an allotment with two friends and enjoy working in my own garden and singing – not usually at the same time - and wondering how I ever found time to go to work!

Prayer request – As a new trustee, I want to understand how I can make the most effective contribution to the Board, as we support and build east to west.

Please also pray for our other trustees, Paul Marchant (Chair), Gingy Jack, James Foster, Miriam Hanley (currently on maternity) and John Salberg and the Governance Manager Gill Morgan (left to right below)


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