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Prayer Week - Tuesday Blog

Sunflowers - Photo Credit: Alan and Jenny Gregory

Over the course of this week we're asking you to pray for the different aspects of our work. All the photos on these blogs will be used this week to inspire prayers of Hope, during our prayer events. At the end of the week, we'll be selling them to help 'bring hope to young lives If you'd like a copy of any of these photos, please email us at for more information.

Prayer Event:

We will be joining with St. Paul's Egham Hythe from 12:30pm onwards today for around an hour. Today our Prayer Focus is our Secondary School Projects – Matthew Arnold; Thomas Knyvett; Bishop Wand; Sunbury Manor; St. Paul’s and Thamesmead (Spelthorne); Hinchley Wood and Esher High (Elmbridge) and Jubilee High (Runneymede)

Whales in New Zealand - Photo Credit: David Pearce

Prayer Focus:

Bringing hope is at the heart of all east to west does, with a key focus on secondary schools. We are incredibly blessed to work across 9 schools, all of whom highly value the work we do with their students and staff. For many teenagers, secondary school can be a mental health and well-being minefield, with friendship issues just as likely as lessons spent learning about Shakespeare and Pythagoras. In addition, the stress and anxiety that comes from sitting exams, and/or meeting the expectations of parents and teachers, and the opportunities (for some) to thrive and grow seem limited. Our team recognise that being an RSW or Adolescent Counsellor is a massively privileged position, which allows them to bring hope into this bleak situation. For some it’s a quiet encouragement, a nod in the corridor, or high five in the lunch hall, for others its dedicated weekly meetings, helping them achieve whatever it is they can, whether that is smashing the exams, or simply sitting them... a truly privileged place to be. Please pray for:

  • Our partner school leaders – for wisdom as they lead, for understanding of their schools needs and the ability to respond

  • For the staff as they seek to meet the needs of their students

  • For our team as they bring hope in seemingly hopeless situations

  • For those facing mock GCSEs before Christmas

  • With thanks for the new school projects we’ve started this year – Hinchley Wood and Jubilee

  • For wisdom as we seek to recruit a Relational Counsellor at Sunbury Manor

  • For Clare (Head of Schools) as she supports our schools’ team

  • For those young people we support, (whether 1:1 or in groups) and that they’d experience hope

Red Sky at Night - Photo Credit: Paul Beedell


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