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Prayer Week - Saturday Blog

Rainbow on a Clear Day - Photo Credit: Carol Manger

Over the course of this week we're asking you to pray for the different aspects of our work. All the photos on these blogs will be used this week to inspire prayers of Hope, during our prayer events. At the end of the week, we'll be selling them to help 'bring hope to young lives If you'd like a copy of any of these photos, please email us at for more information.

Prayer Events:

We will be concluding our prayer week at Ashford Congregational Church (TW15 2QA) at 10:00 - we appreciate that it clashes with the England vs France Rugby World Cup match - Sorry!!

Today our prayer focus is our church Partners, Supporters and Sponsors

Beaten, but not Broken - Photo Credit: Carol Manger

Prayer Focus:

As a Christian organisation, having the support of local churches is vitally important. Over the course of this week, we’ve been blessed to have been hosted by local churches. This morning, we’re holding our final prayer event, celebrating the end of a week of prayer for (the work of) east to west. Alongside our church partners, we’ve been blessed by the vast number of supporters who’ve been joining with us in prayer, whether in person or virtually. Knowing that the charity is being held in prayer from near and far, is both humbling and really encouraging for us and is testament to the support base we have.

We’re also incredibly blessed to have organisations, trust and grant making bodies who have chosen to join with east to west to outwork our vision across local schools and hospitals. In the case of organisations such as The Heathrow Community Foundation, their funding ensures Emerge is fully funded until July 2021, whilst other funders are committed to long-term support. Please pray for:

  • Our church partners – pray that they would continue to serve their communities and thank God for the blessings they give through their support of east to west

  • Pray for the church leaders as they seek to meet the needs of their congregations – pray that they would be blessed and given space to be in God’s presence

  • Pray with thanks for our supporters who are committed to the work of east to west – pray that they would get a sense of their impact in what we do

  • Pray with thanks for all those who’ve been part of the east to west week of prayer, especially those who’ve given their time and skills to ensure it’s happened, by manning events, turning up and providing refreshments

  • Pray with thanks for those organisations that support our work

Dappled Sunlight - Photo Credit: Mark Beedell


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