Growing number of girls suffering with low self esteem

13th December 2013


Nicki Sudworth, east to west's Relational Support Worker in The Matthew Arnold School, offers some reflections in response to the survey by The Girlguiding Association.

In our local schools we are seeing an increase in the numbers of cases of cyber-bullying, harassment online and the general lowering of self-esteem that this brings.  Self-harm is prevalent and although this has other causes as well, the sense of low self-image is often the overriding factor.

The constant access to the internet and instant nature of mobile phones means the young people are barraged with pressure 24/7.  Even in the middle of the night many of them admit to answering their friends’ texts or checking facebook/bbm to see what has been said about them, just so they know what they will face the next day.  Hiding behind a screen allows the contact to seem personal whilst actually being distant.  The comments made online that would never be said face-to-face can create an environment of harassment as others join in.

So the challenge to us as a society, church and individuals is this: Where do the young women of today find their self-esteem?  Their sense of dignity and respect? Their understanding of who they are and their purposes?

There has to be a better place than behind a screen, on a media site, with ‘friends’ who they may have never met……………where can they find healthy relationships that really matter and what is our response into it?

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